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Music 2

2011-09-07 15:05:04 by HunterSteell

I finally got the space problem done, but it says that it has to be 41kh something, and my music is 48, is there anyway to lower it for my music??? Any help?


2011-09-06 18:44:27 by HunterSteell

Lol, never knew uploading music was so HARD, it keeps saying that its to much space all the time, dont know how to fix that problem, any insight?


2011-09-04 22:41:35 by HunterSteell

Hey Guys. Im a big time noob here at Newgrounds, and hopefully some of u guys can help me with some tips or hints. U can always message me back, or send an email at

thx for the support :)